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The Upshot Group is a trusted advisor to executives and boards. To an economist, a simplified view of the role of the executive is to allocate people/assets (scarce resources) to the best ideas (highest marginal return projects, presumably NPV+). We help inform, make, and implement such decisions. Clients call us when things are not working, when they need help identifying and seizing opportunities, when our unique/specialized expertise is needed, or when our unbiased counsel can provide (re-)assurance or push forward an agenda.

Services Why clients choose us
bullet Capital structure optimization Do your bankers recommend an optimal capital structure (debt%/equity%)? We rarely see this done, even more rarely see it done well, but almost always see biased recommendations stemming from conflicts of interest. We do not offer securities and are unbiased. One of our most informative offerings, we have done this for dozens of public firms. The results are powerful, including recommendations on specific equity/debt changes and a projected change in firm value. You might save millions. We can do this as a brief, one-time evaluation, a deeper analysis accounting for future capital needs, or as ongoing periodic reports adjusted to market prices, cash needs, balance sheets, etc.
bullet Data analytics "Big Data" and "Data Analytics" are hot buzzwords but nothing new. We have been doing (and teaching) econometrics and statistical analysis for decades. Point-and-click data analysis offerings are perhaps 90% focused on graphical representations with little (or no) emphasis on proper methods. While visualizations are appealing, they are simplistic, often mathematically incorrect, and lead to poor decisions. We focus 90% on methods -- we help you make decisions, not pretty graphics.
bullet Strategic counsel Corporate strategy: What are the boundaries of your business? We have advised over 50 clients on build-vs-buy, merger/acquisition strategies, market (country) selection and entry, horizontal/vertical expansion/contraction, etc.
Business Strategy: How do you want to compete? Extensive industry experience, dozens of client engagements, helping clients differentiate products/services, become low cost leaders, identify market opportunities, etc.
bullet Cost cutting/downsizing A systematic look at every element of cost on the income statement. We have saved millions for clients through purchasing leverage, contract renegotiation, permanent (and temporary) reductions, facilities consolidations, etc.
bullet De-risking Risk is the overlooked value lever, and one of our specialties. Business, at its simplest, is revenue minus cost at some level of risk. Holding the first two constant, how can we lower the risk of doing business? While derivatives are one method, we look beyond this and help you de-risk at every level.
bullet Fund portfolio optimization, asset allocation, risk analysis We have Ph.D.-trained professionals plus extensive fund (pensions, endowments) industry experience. Is your allocation appropriate? Have you prepared action plans to quickly adapt to market scenarios (e.g., global macro events)? We also offer interim leadership and transition with years of fund management experience.
bullet Portfolio optimization - Individuals/Family-offices Similar to the institutional (fund) counsel we provide, we help individuals and family offices move beyond the biased, simplistic (and incorrect) equity/debt mix counsel given by major financial advisory firms. Those firms do not account for other sources of cash flow and wealth, geo-spatial factors, and the correlations therein. They are doing it wrong. We can help.
bullet Financial advisory, valuation, complex modeling Extensive Wall St. transaction experience, Ph.D. consultants with decades of industry (executing) and academic (teaching) experience. We teach others how to do this.
bullet Negotiation and structuring Over $6B in merger and acquisition deals conducted, $4B sellside, $2B buyside. (see Boeh's book on M&A).
bullet IPO advisory We can put you on the path to IPO, and help you every step of the way. If you find another consultancy that has been involved in over 50 IPOs and has extensive research publications on factors associated with IPO success/failure, hire them. Your VCs, lawyers, accountants, and bankers will all claim to have expertise and they will perhaps know their piece of the puzzle. We suggest you compare their incentives and breadth of expertise to ours.
bullet Venture financing/Business plans We have raised $60+M in venture rounds for start-ups, invested in 20+ VC rounds directly, and helped raise two venture funds. We have seen 1,000s of business plans, and can help your likelihood of success in the venture community and the public markets.
bullet Market research, white papers We have extensive publication and research (primary and secondary) experience for both public and client-only use. Our specialty is data-heavy research including the use of surveys, interviews, and human-subject experiments. We have professional writers who can review/edit/improve your materials.
bullet Curriculum development Experienced pedagogical experts, extensive curriculum review and development, including design and launch of academic programs, (re-)accreditation, departmental turnarounds, research initiatives, both in academia and industry (internal training development).
bullet Seminars/Training Program and seminar development expertise. Recent examples include seminars on "management consulting skills", financial risk management, investment banking analyst training (valuation, modeling), data analytics (statistics, econometrics, financial math).
bullet Product development/Go-to-market Bringing new products to market has become more complex with global supply chains, yet more urgent because of shortened product lifecycles especially in tech. With particular expertise in technology product launches, we help clients create the skills internally to repeat the go-to-market process when we are gone.
bullet Crisis management/Turnarounds A specialty. We can rapidly field a team to manage constituencies. Stop the bleeding. Stabilize. Recharge. Redirect. Execute.
bullet Interim leadership Change happens. We have advised 100's of CEO and CFOs through every phase of a firm's lifecycle - We can step in while permanent leadership is stabilized.

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