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Client activities below are listed in aggregate or without names - we generally do not disclose client information.

Strategic/Financial Advisory *

Activity: Over 50 strategic advisory clients, $6+B in M&A closed (~$4B in sellside, ~$2B in buyside).
Client: A San-Francisco asset management firm was bought and integrated into a larger global firm. We were tasked with valuing a complex, options-based payout offered to the management team.
Client: A call center software firm sought advice regarding future directions of technology platforms in order to focus its constrained development dollars. After showing them that frequent product innovations led to sales, we instead helped the firm shorten its product roll-out lifecycles by 5x (in time). Rather than predicting and placing a company-wide technology bet, the firm became a nimble innovator that could roll out new features and replicate industry innovations in a matter of weeks.
Client: A firm had acquired sixteen other firms in a consolidation spree. We were asked to lead a post-merger integration effort, with a focus on the cost side of the income statement. While facilities and personnel costs were reduced through consolidation, the bulk of the gains came from leveraged purchasing (cost of goods sold) across the divisions.

Corporate Finance/Venture Finance *

Activity: Over 100 financial advisory engagements, ~$2B in IPO proceeds (involved in 50+ IPOs), ~$3B in follow-on (non-IPO) proceeds, both debt and equity. 100s of deals negotiated, $60+M in venture rounds raised, ~30 direct investments made, placement agent to help raise two venture funds. Dozens of business plans written, 50+ roadshow presentations prepared and executed.
Client: Large online mapping company. Led the IPO, raising ~$50M, led a follow-on equity round, and then sold the firm for ~$1.2B to a large media conglomerate.
Client: Technology platform for electronic postage. Direct investment in venture round, led IPO, led follow-on offering. The firm has a market cap of ~$3.5B in 2018.


Activity: Dozens of day- and week-long seminars designed and delivered to clients in both industry and academia.
Client: Designed and delivered a weeklong seminar on "management consulting skills".
Client: Redesigned and relaunched an undergraduate finance curriculum. Graduating students had been testing at the 50th percentile (among graduates of 350 peer institutions) nationally in finance skills. Two years after redesign, students were testing at the 95th percentile.
Client: Designed and successfully launched a new MS Finance degree and curriculum aligned with the CFA curriculum. The program was successfully adopted as an Affiliated Program by the CFA Institute.

Engagements from 1990-1994 while at Accenture.
Engagements from 1995-1997 while at A.T. Kearney.
Engagements from 1998-2002 while at Robertson Stephens

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