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The Upshot Group is a management consulting, research, and investment firm advising executives and boards. Our client base includes young start-ups, large multinationals, universities, not-for-profits, and pension/endowment/private equity funds, among others. We are based in Seattle, but advise clients around the world with a global network of professionals from industry and academia. Clients engage us by the project, by deliverable(s), or on a per diem basis, according to client needs.

Why engage us rather than another consultancy?
* Our goal: On-time, under-budget, as promised
* When we do not know the answer, we say, "I don't know, but I will find out"
* We span the divide from (hard) PhD-level data analytics to (soft) people skills
* Our logical, data-driven analyses lead to powerful insights
* Engagement terms are adapted to your needs (we selectively conduct pro bono work)
* Results, not chimeras - No pipe dreams that only sound good on paper
* Deep expertise, not inexperienced consultants
* If we cannot add value, we will say so, and recommend others who might
* Rates are a fraction of McKinsey, BCG, ATK, et al. - We do not have their large overhead

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